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We are the Exclusive Suppliers of Medical Device Manufacturers in Latin America & Other Parts of the World.

Taté Medical Overview

Taté Medical Ltd. was founded in 2014, with the focus to bring cutting edge Medical Devices technology to Latin America, Central Asia & Africa.

We exclusively represent outstanding Medical Devices suppliers.

We are constantly growing and improving our network of Medical Devices distributors, decision makers & key opinion leaders. 

We welcome you to access high value markets with exceptional products. 


Our clinical support team stems from the field. We provide support by people who work in hospitals everyday. 


We empower distributors with market specific tools, on the ground support, & online training programs.  


Long lead times? High freight costs? Our team makes all your operations faster & more efficient.

RA/QA Support

New product registrations or transfers streamlined with our locally based legal & RA teams. 

Our core Values

Strong Relationships

We know that a great product is a strong step in the right direction, but we also know that business is successful when strong relationships between business partners are created. A strong partnership is a key to success and long-term growth.


Taté Medical empowers its partners to gain access to lucrative segments of the devices market with products of outstanding quality and innovation.


Trust gained through diligence, professionalism, honesty and the capacity to give our partners whatever it is that they need, whenever they need it, all lay at the very core of who we are and what we strive to do.

looking to gain access to new markets?

Our current portfolio strengthens our partners in a wide range of markets: Intensive Care Unit, Operating Rooms, Angiography Catheter Labs, Vascular Surgery & more.   

Performing Surgery

Taté Medical functions as the Principal Distributor for the products that it represents. We handle it all.

When working with us
you can expect to:

Register the products through our RA support.

Obtain all clinical and commercial documentation through our assistance.

Purchase products directly from us.

Handle all logistics and operations through our sales operations team.

Clinically educate your team utilizing our clinical support team.

Mercedes Mattias

Senior Global Business Development Manager, Biometrix Medical

Working with Taté as our partner for business development has enabled us to centralize all purchasing, QA/RA, marketing activities, etc. with one company. This has proved to be a significant advantage to our operations in the mentioned territory, as we have been able to limit the resources invested in the territory, while enabling a growth in sales and an improvement in overall performance.

Daniel Murrillo

CEO & Founder, VMG Medical Products, San Jose, Costa Rica

"Over the past five years, Taté Medical has been our supplier in Costa Rica for the Biometrix Medical products,  and has been an essential part of our success with these important product lines. Taté Medical’s service-oriented approach has assisted us in addressing our requirements as the distributor of this brand, enabling us to further gain market share over the years. Taté Medical has played an instrumental role as we continue to develop the market."

Gain Access to Lucrative Medical Device markets

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